I design and develop
data visualizations.

Part analyst, part designer, part developer.
I create pictures that help people make better decisions.

Data Analysis

Analyzing data to find trends and narratives that deliver insight.

Data Visualization

Visualizing data through smart UX, editorial and data design.

Story Crafting

Connecting data and research to form beautiful and informative stories.


I work with teams to create better data products, platforms and visualizations. Here's a bit about me.

I started out writing as a journalist in 2015 before taking a deep dive into data at the Goldsmiths MSc Digital Journalism program. Now I make interactive data visualizations for the web.

Based in Boston, I spend most of my time thinking about how to communicate with data, how to humanise data and how to make data more accessible through smart visualization.

Feel like chatting? I tweet and email occasionally.