I tell stories with data

Part journalist, part analyst, part data designer.
Creating visual narratives with numbers.

Data Analysis

Analysing data to find trends and narratives that deliver insight.

Data Visualization

Visualizing data through smart UX, editorial and data design.

Digital Storytelling

Connecting data and research to form beautiful and informative stories.

My name is Benjamin, but most people just stick to Ben (which I'm cool with). I tell visual stories with data through a combination of data journalism, research and data analysis.

I started out writing in the journalism world circa 2016 before taking a deep dive into data at the Goldsmiths MSc Digital Journalism program. Now I make data-driven stories, content and visualizations with the infogr8 team.

Based in London, I spend most of my time thinking about how to communicate with data, how to humanise data and how to make data more accessible through smart visualization.

I also write a weekly data newsletter with links to resources on data visualization, data science and technology. You can signup for that here.

Feel like chatting? I tweet and email occasionally. You can also find my latest CV here.