Hello, I'm Ben.

I work with teams to design and develop data visualizations that inform, educate and inspire.

I use data visualization as a way to better understand the world around me, to visualize machine learning outputs, and to design better user interfaces for smart decision making.

Data Analysis

Analyzing data to find trends and narratives that deliver insight.

Data Visualization

Visualizing data through smart UX, editorial and data design.

Data UX

Creating intuitive interfaces for exploring and analyzing data.

More about me.

I work with teams to create better data products, platforms and visualizations. Based in Boston, I currently do this at Tagup building visualizations and interfaces for anomaly detection and survival modeling analysis (in simpler terms: we use machine learning to predict when physical machines will fail).

I didn't always do data viz. I started my career writing as a journalist before taking a deep dive into data at the Goldsmiths MSc Digital Journalism program. Now, I make interactive data visualizations for the web.

You can find some of my previous work below. I also like to create visual experiments, write various data-releated articles, and publish a weekly data viz newsletter called Data Curious.

Feel like chatting? I tweet and email occasionally.