Data UX

A new UX method for building better data visualization products

You’ve heard of user personas, and maybe even Jobs to Be Done. But what about QTBA? No? Good. I made it up.

Why visual literacy is essential to good data visualization

We know data literacy matters. But visual literacy matters too. Here’s why.


How to build a simple time series dashboard in Python with Panel, Altair and a Jupyter Notebook

Two filters + one interactive area chart in roughly 25 lines of code.

How to make a gif map using Python, Geopandas and Matplotlib

No need for Photoshop: make an animated chart using only Python and the command line.

Let’s make a map! Using Geopandas, Pandas and Matplotlib to make a Choropleth map

So you want to make a map using Python. Let's get started!

Analysis and Exploration

How Twitter responded an hour after the Westminster attack

On March 22nd, 2017, a terrorist charged towards Parliament in London with a knife. To better understand how people use social networks in times of chaos, I sifted through a sample of 50,000 tweets scraped from the web over a 30 minute time period and visualized a network of communities.

Here’s what I learned from writing, coding and designing my own longform data-driven feature story

In which I document and reflect my design process for my masters thesis 'The Network of a Lifteime', an interactive story about net neutrality changes in the U.S. and how these regulations affect the internet for consumers.

To understand something, visualise it: Exploring the medal results of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics 2018

Who won the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics and how? I scraped some data and made some charts to find out.